The day after Pongal is celebrated as Kanu or Kanum Pongal. We used to observe the day after Pongal as both mattupongal and Kanu, whereas these days, it is observed that the day after Pongal is celebrated as mattupongal and the day after that as Kanum Pongal.

On mattupongal day, the cattle are given bath and decorated and worshipped.

 On Kanum Pongal day, people visit their extended family members and friends. In the olden days, river banks were the favourite rendezvous. People had a picnic at the riverbanks and had a good time with family and friends. The lunch menu, on Kanu day, hence, was different from the usual sambar, Kootu , poriyal. It consisted of varieties of rice preparations, easy to pack and carry .

We, Kerala Iyers, though, did not have a picnic, but continued with the tradition of making varieties of rice preparations on Kanu day. The accompaniments were, keeramasiyal, Vadam,karuvadam, etc.
Keeping with tradition, we had, mangasatham( mango rice), vegetable rice,thayir sadam( curds rice) and of course, not to be left out ellu podi(sesame powder).


Recipes for the above soon!


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