Vidhyarambham is the last day of  Sharad Navarathri, also known as Vijayadashami.

Dashami is observed as Vidhyarambham in Kerala. That is the day little children are introduced to learning, Vidhya aarambham (begin to seek). The two days preceding Dashami, Ashtami and Navami are observed as Saraswati Pooja, or adachupoojaa (closed Pooja). Books and other learning instruments, like pen and pencil are kept covered in front of Saraswathi idol and Pooja is performed . On Vijayadashami day after Pooja, the books are distributed to everyone. A new beginning is started on that day with prayers for learning more and more in the days to come.
Children of the age of three and above who have not been initiated into learning are taught the alphabet. They are made to write on a plate filled with rice, starting with Hari Shree Ganapathaye Namaha.


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