Our preordained destiny

Every day we are confronted with so much violence by way of terror strikes, ghastly accidents etc that there is a general feeling of insecurity all around. Suddenly nothing seems safe. One is not sure of returning home safe at the end of the day. If you thought air travel was unsafe, train travel is no better. Even waiting at the railway station is not safe anymore. Walking on the roads has never been safe. Just yesterday there was an incident of a vehicle mowing down innocent school children in Kerala. What is happening? Where is the end to all this? Who is responsible? Is there anyway any one can help? Nobody has an answer.

In times like these, our old timers used to get strength from their strong belief in preordained destiny. Whenever things went out of our control, we heard “everything will happen as preordained.” Perhaps that way, there was not much anguish in happenings over which we had no control at all. Let us do our best to keep things under control and then “Bhagavan vitta vazhi” (as God pleases). Does it mean that God is pleased when he allows some unpleasant things to happen? The answer then is that we have to bear the fruit of our Karma. Why is God taking away a child’s life so soon, what sin has he committed at such young age? The answer is, “he is given Moksha (salvation).” He just came into this world to fulfill his remaining karma and attained moksha once he achieved that. You cannot escape karma or destiny. We were told the story of Parikshit Maharaja to illustrate the point.

No story of Parkshit or other philosophies will wipe away the grief of someone who has lost a mother or father or wife or husband or sister or brother or son or daughter. It is very hard to accept the fact that a beloved son or father or mother or daughter is not going to come in through the doors any more. And then nothing is going to bring them back. Life has to move one. We need some anchor to draw strength from however small it might be. The whole world prays for that strength.


8 thoughts on “Our preordained destiny

  1. dear ammupattithat was a very sad or shall i say a cry of anguish from you.what you ve said is true but there is a greif attached even when we loose a loved one to a sickness. trully god and his ways are strange. wish we had some way to know what he wants of us!


  2. romba azhaga chonnel. Many answers we do not know. How do we come to terms with this gap? Puriyamal Ariyamal nadakkara vishayangal puriyaradhukku oru vazhi bhagavan. bhagavanai eppadi purinjukkaradhu, illaya? I am hoping you will follow my tamil – but do not think I can express the same inner feeling in english either.


  3. Mami, I really like your writing. and your inner thoughts and personality. enakku oru chinna ponnu irukka. avalukku kalyanathukku pakkarache unga aathula pakkalama?? ha ha!


  4. You know Mami, this is exactly what they did in our houses, right? Patti endha ponna pathalum “unga appa enga velai pannarar”, “neenga enna gothram”nu aarambichuduva! Anyway, it is rare to find families with such interests these days and I think you are one of those rare exceptions. en ponnukku innum nirayya time irukku. but eppovum ungalai madiri yaranum kidaikka mattalannu pathundu iruppen – nichayama.


  5. Hi AnuI am amused that you have started worrying about your daughter’s marriage, when by your own words she is too young. Just enjoy her present now. Yaarukku theriyum, Ava ungalukku oru kavalayum vaikkamatta.Happy Pongal


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