Tenth Day of Onam


8 thoughts on “Tenth Day of Onam

  1. Dear Ammuppatti,It is indeed wonderful to see your lovely pookkalams. Takes me back to my childhood days growing up in Kerala, when the pookkalams were simple using flowers from the garden and the surrounding areas – chembarathi, thumbapoo, sankhu pushpam, nandyaar vattam etc. I am in the US now, and have to rely on store brought flowers for the 10th day (tomorrow). Thank you for sharing the pictures…


  2. reminds of the days of early fifities whne we had the privilege of collecting the flowers from far and near including the paddy fields to make the the pookkalam during these ten days of onam. the pokkalam of flower aranged in colours and sizes with flowers of various sizes and coloures and designs gave amazing beauty and we had the thrills and excitents in it.the days were the days no schools and studies and books. thnaks to ammupatty for the creative efforts helping reminding the days of the great funs and excitments. sivamoni


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